Saturday, July 8, 2006
machine sewing outline

Machine Sewing 101
Saturdays, July 22th and 29th, noon-4pm


sewing machine
tape measurer
tailor’s ham
tracing chalk, paper, and tool

I. Introduction: The ins and outs of your sewing machine
To feel comfortable working with a machine it is important to understand how it actually works.
A. Threading, the needle and the bobbin
B. Meet the bobbin
C. Meet the foot and the pedal
D. Tension
E. Reverse
F. Stitch length

Finally Practice! Let’s try it out, with a simple construction of a small bag or something like that.

II. Patterns: Cutting out the pieces to the puzzle
After enough practice on the machine we are ready to begin the process of construction, first step the pattern.

A. First things first, get to know the fabric
B. Understand the difference of straight of grain versus the bias. Think of a 2×4 piece of wood, same idea.
C. Understanding this difference is important when pinning and cutting out the pattern pieces.
D. Introduce and familiarize oneself with the pattern and sizing.
E. Pin pieces to the fabric accounting for the straight of grain. Suggestion of tracing paper and chalk, however old fashioned and not necessary.

Once all pinned let’s get those pieces out and figure out how they fit together.

III. Sewing!
We are ready to start putting the puzzle together.

A. Make first seam and press down.
B. Ironing is one of the most important and under appreciated aspects of sewing. After making a seam always press!
C. Present different seams: over-lock machine, straight stitch, hemming, gathering…
D. An opportunity for everyone to have a try on the over-lock machine.
E. Finish up garment
F. Final touches, buttons and hand sewing.
G. Are we done? Try it on for size.

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