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Thursday, July 6, 2006
programming digital media

Programming Digital Media
An introduction to OSX media programming
Jan 29th (setup day), Feb 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th (Sundays) 1-4pm For Mac OSX (10.4) only.
Laptop required. Taught by Andy Kopra
$250/ 5 meetings

Using Python (a popular and easy to use open source programming language), you will learn how to generate and modify jpgs, quicktime movies, and midi files using small yet powerful programs that you write. As your programming-fu increases in majesty, we will also discuss the various paradigms, philosophies and methdologies underlying the practice of writing code. Experience the power of working under the hood and gain a new understanding of how software generates media files. Great for beginners, no experience with computer programming needed. We’ll install the software we’ll use at our first meeting and make sure you’re ready for the class. W00t!

link to Andy’s syllabus

The class will include:

– Hands-on experience writing software to make images,
animation, and sound
– The integration of media made by custom software within
commercial packages
– A discussion of software programming as a cultural activity
– A theory of programming as it relates to our intuitive
experience of problem solving
– A look at the assumptions we make when we use software

– The exploration of a theoretical framework for thinking
critically about the use of computer software in art-making

To pay by Pay Pal click the button below.

To pay by check please mail a check for $250 made out to Machine Project. Please email us at m@machineproject.com if you are sending a check, so we can reserve a spot for you. Here’s the mailing address.

Machine Project
c/o Mark Allen
PO Box 26900
Los Angeles, CA, 90026

You can also stop by the gallery and pay in person, which entitles you to either a complimentary cookie or carbonated beverage (offer dependent upon available stock). –> email m@machineproject.com or call 213-483-8761 for more information

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