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Saturday, November 25, 2006
introduction to solar robotics

Introduction to solar robotics – Sunday Dec 3rd 11am-7pm (lunch break 12-1)
Instructor Mark Allen. $95 all materials included.
Sorry sold out, please email us at machine@machineproject.com if you’d like to be alerted about future electronics workshops

Inspired by articles by Gareth Branwyn (he’s great! buy his book!)in MAKE issue #6 and #8, this one day workshop covers the basics of BEAM robotics. Topics include…

*Capturing, storing and using solar power to power modest sized electronics
*Voltage, Current, Resistance, Ohms Law, and the basics of electrical theory
*Soldering for beginners
*Our friend the transistor
*Our other friend the capacitor
*Our really good friend the multimeter

No knowledge of electronics is needed for this class. All materials included. You will leave with two working solar circuit robotic toy like things (that you built yourself), a free copy of MAKE #8, and enough knowledge to impress the impressionable during upcoming holiday parties.

For more information please contemplate this illustration of the solar wind.

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