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Friday, June 25, 2010
Machine Project Benefits

Machine Project Benefit 2009

Our first -ever annual benefit event was held at Mister Jalopy’s secret lair, accessible through a hidden entrance behind Coco’s Variety Store. We packed 20 artists, technologists and musicians, along with our beloved members and guests, into the space for an evening of revelry, camaraderie, and creative competition. Guests panned for real gold nuggets, placed wagers on slime mold races, participated in speed soldering contests, stole art from a laser-protected action movie style perimeter, and replaced old Getty Museum fake IDs with new ones. Between activities, patrons huddled around the firepit making ‘smores, and enjoyed free drinks and food from an on-site brick pizza oven and Kwong Dynasty Noodle Cart. More information and pics from Machine Project Benefit 2009 here.

Machine Project Benefit 2011

Our benefit for 2011 transformed an event space in Atwater Village into a DMV of Machine Project’s imagination. At DMV: After Dark, participants experienced such phenomena as: car horn fanfare; competitive sobriety tests (where our hand-crafted breathalyzer determined one’s level of inebriation, along with “Adjuster Pie” to give them an edge); workshops on breaking into and hot-wiring cars, as well as how to escape from a locked trunk; home-made beers brewed by members of the Machine Project community; heavy metal polka; surrealistic eye charts; “secret pancakes”; a human vending machine which dispensed delicious food and hijinks.

Photos of DMV : After Dark can be found here.

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