Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seeking Assistant Director

We are no longer accepting applications at this time. We are currently reviewing applicants and will be in contact soon! Thanks, Machine

Dear World,

Since our founding in 2003, Machine Project has managed to grow and thrive, presenting over a thousand events and workshops and producing major projects with museums in Los Angeles and abroad (LACMA, Walker, Hammer, MOCA, Hayward, etc.), all while remaining financially solvent and generally having a good time doing it. We specialize in long term collaborative relationships with artists, the research and development of new models of cultural engagement, and sustaining a high comfort level with the inevitable embarrassment, awkward mistakes, and wrong turns connected to a running a genuinely experimental program. We have accomplished this through a combination of intuition, bursts of manic energy, wily cunning, and the effort and advice of friends and supporters. We are now eager to develop sustainable systems and strategies so we can keep doing what we do best, except better.

The Assistant Director will develop systems for the following aspects of Machine (in the order listed below) in collaboration with Machine’s staff, and be responsible for their ongoing implementation.

Stage 0: Research and documentation of Machine Project’s current culture and processes, with a goal of articulating a written guidebook to Machine’s inner workings and a formal management strategy within the first month of employment

Stage 1: Revision and maintenance of systems for budget oversight, planning and cash flow

Stage 2: Grant research, writing, submission, reporting and record keeping

Stage 3: Membership development, maintenance and growth

Stage 4: Volunteer and staff support

Stage 5: General management of production for large-scale and offsite projects, as well as big-picture strategizing for Machine’s annual programming goals


1) You will be paid American (US) money to do this job, commensurate with experience!

2) You will be working very closely with Machine Project’s small but awesome current staff, including a charismatic, visionary, and erratic Executive Director and a personable, chill, and dolphin-obsessed Operations Manager!

3) Our board of directors is free of meddling oligarchs!

4) Occasionally there is free lunch!


Our Assistant Director will be the metaphorical designated driver to our all-night party train into the future which, in real-life terms, means someone who is:

– meticulous, detail-oriented, and calm in the face of the swirling circus that is Machine.

– an excellent communicator with even more excellent skills in writing.

– a strategic and rational thinker who instinctively develops systems for long-term plans.

– able to synthesize verbal and ambient information into coherent, detailed plans.

– experienced in fundraising, and/or running a small business, art gallery, or non-profit.

– familiar with some Quickbooks, Excel, and similar organizational officey softwarez.

– a balanced voice of reason with an instinct for prioritizing and strategic implementation despite constant and intense distraction.

Job Responsibilities include:

1. General Management: Serve as the central, managing producer for all projects at the organization, including both onsite and offsite projects, fundraising, budgeting, PR, and management of volunteers.

2. Project production: Work closely with the Director to establish an annual schedule of onsite and offsite projects and related budgets. Work with event producers to set budgets and deadlines. Assign volunteers or interns as needed. Provide ongoing support for each project as it is occurring.

3. Manage Staff and Volunteers: Develop intern and/or work-study programs to help support the staff with logistical tasks and connect the organization with student communities. Act as a backup for Operations Manager for events and onsite needs. Coordinate with bookkeeper, freelance writers, and other resources, as needed, and serve as staff liaison and project manager for the Board.

4. Development & Membership Programs: Work closely with the Board, Director and established Machine members to revamp the current membership program. Manage membership communications. Work with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to develop and execute a fundraising plan. Manage grants and individual donations related to each project and complete reports (to Board, Director and Foundations), as needed. Develop creative ideas for raising money as needed for projects.

To apply, email the following to machine@machineproject.com with the subject line [assistant director]

– A cover letter with a short narrative of your history, how this job fits into your plans, and how you came to this job post

– Your resume

– One page describing an initiative you would implement at Machine as Assistant Director (by “initiative” we mean implementing a strategy with an eye towards fundraising, membership development, budgeting, management, etc.)

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